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27 July 2009 in Meriden

This is the first post in what I hope will be frequent updates about Square House Building’s first house lift.  As of today, the starting blocks are in place.  We have a permit, (I’ll cover how much time and fun that was at the City later) the house is disconnected from everything and cleaned out, the steel channel that stiffens the shaker beams are bolted in place, and the whole thing now sits on the three 12″ I-beams that are going to lift the house to a second story level.  Also, the house is painted with the color choices made by my artistic, furniture making wife, Sheri.  We are scheduled to start the house lift on August 10th.  Make sure to stop by and see it rise.


27 July 2009 Meriden

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  1. Way to go “son”! So proud of what you are doing!

  2. Pam Conner on 13 August 2009

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