Digging your new braces

18 August 2009 in Meriden

The house did not fall down overnight.  I did not really think it would but sometimes I am very unlucky with houses, usually involving rain.  We had already poured some piers previously and today the house got tied to them with diagonal braces in several directions.  If the house starts to move nothing will keep it up but I can stop it from starting to move.  The foundation guys also started today excavation for the 32 piers I need.  Lots of rocks and jackhammering.  Luckily we only have to go down about 4′ to hit limestone.

The house movers took their equipment and moved across the street to start prepping that house for a little ride.  I felt like my ex-girlfriend was dating my best friend.  I was excited to see them over there but then I had to remember they had moved on to other things and that wasn’t my house they were on anymore.  I tried to keep my distance so as not to fall for them again.

As I drove away today and took one look back to see the little yellow house perched up on its temporary legs, I had one last thought.  “Damn, I left the door open.”


house braces and pier holes

house braces and pier holes

18 August 2009 Meriden

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  1. Cool!! Keep up the photos. It’s fun to follow your progress!

  2. Diane Boteler on 19 August 2009

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