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21 August 2009 in Meriden

Sometimes the construction industry is not my favorite field.  There were some beautiful holes, dug yesterday, just waiting to be filled with concrete and topped with a Sonotube or pilaster blocks for the corners.  They only had to be dug about 2 1/2′ deep because that is where we hit solid limestone. (see the picture below)  The strings were up and triple checked, steel was tied, and I got to have lunch at home with the family.  Then the concrete crew didn’t show up.  Something about being robbed, but maybe one of their brothers did it.  Why is the story for not showing up for work on Friday never simple?  That left the foundation company owner and one helper.  It would make a long day for them but it was still possible.  Then the concrete truck shows up, late, and says that the other truck broke down, or the pump broke, or some other calamity that means 5 yards is all that is going to show up today.  Sorry for your concrete luck.  They pour what they can and make assurances that it will be done on Monday while I reschedule material deliveries and framers around the delay.  I always used to marvel when clients would ask me about some delay and not understand why I, the boss of the job, could not fix it, immediately.  Well here I am, owner, boss, and liked in the industry and the same crap happens to me.

The only other bright spot in the day besides my lunch happened at midnight this morning.  The same company that did the lift on my house moved the house across the street out and off to a new home in East Austin.  My wife and kids and I all stayed up late to see it move into the street and start its journey.  It really cool to see something that big, and this was a very small house, move slowly off the lot and then take up the whole street.  Flashing lights, police escorts on motorcycles, and everybody talking on walkie-talkies; the kids loved it.  The only way it could have been better was if they got to ride on the front porch as it went down the road.

Now that was some fun diggin'

Now that was some fun diggin'

21 August 2009 Meriden

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