Rain on the roof

5 September 2009 in Meriden

Dried in and rain.  It’s like good and evil.  With good winning.  I finished putting the peel and seal roofing under-layment on the new roof Friday afternoon.  Long and miserably hot work in 100 degree heat.  Friday evening it rained more than an inch in some parts of Austin.  My house stayed dry and I stopped cursing the rain, for now.  Friday also brought being a day away from the end of framing.  The stairs were finished, much to the delight of my youngest son, and the carport was completed.  All we have left for next week is any miscellaneous blocking and the closets and door frames for the upstairs.  With the braces out of the downstairs you can really get a sense of the space, even with the windows still covered with sheathing.  It has a nice cozy yet spacious feel.  Tall enough ceilings without going overboard and open space without feeling cavernous.  My job site desk will look great in the living room.

Carport and hip roof finished

Carport and hip roof finished

Stairs and the powder bath door.

Stairs and the powder bath door.

5 September 2009 Meriden

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  1. Good work Christian!

  2. Lou Kimball on 17 September 2009
  3. Saw the article in the Statesman about the house. I used to live in the Deep Eddy neighborhood and I appreciate your efforts to preserve the character of the wonderful small houses there and use green building techniques. Good luck in all you do!

  4. Jill LF on 21 June 2010

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