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25 October 2009 in Meriden, Uncategorized

sweet tyvec suit

sweet tyvec suit

The house is very quiet now.  I love after the insulation is installed when it feels like your voice is sucked away as soon as you let it out.  All the walls and the roof deck got closed cell foam.  The floors got R-19 batts to save a little money but that gives me a complete envelope where the HVAC system is inside the conditioned space and does not have to work as hard.  The high efficiency system, 16 SEER and 90% furnace, get roughed in in the next few days.

whip cream explosion

whipped cream explosion

Now for the outside.  I am using a new product from James Hardie called Artisan siding.  It comes with trim boards to match for the windows and corners and really looks like the old clapboard siding you see more on the east coast.  It looks great installed and gives the house an appropriate bungalow feel.  It should be finished by the end of the week without threatening rain interruptions.

artisan on the front

artisan on the front

25 October 2009 Meriden, Uncategorized

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