Waiting for the house to clear

8 December 2009 in Meriden

It has been raining off and on for the past week and a half and normally that would irritate me to a large degree. (It’s only a small degree now that the roof is on the Meriden house.)  I have been stopped from continuing to work by the city because of a McMansion tent incursion.  I had a very pleasant meeting with the West Austin Neighborhood Association last night where I laid out my case for the variance I am requesting next week.  The people there were nice and asked good questions and agreed not to oppose my request.  That was  topped off with me getting to take a fresh picked Meyers lemon home that someone brought in from their back yard.  It tasted great in the Dripping Springs vodka and tonic I had when I got home and relaxed.  Hopefully the Board of Adjustment hearing next Monday will go just as smoothly.

8 December 2009 Meriden

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