It is finally 94.8% finished

16 May 2010 in Meriden

So the Meriden house is just about done and thankfully, it has sold.  Sorry to all the other people who wanted it, you were not quick enough.  The pictures for the finished thing are Here.

The landscape was designed by Lisa with Chicks Dig!  It was an inspired design and well executed and you can find out more about them at CHICKSDIGAUSTIN.COM

My wife and furniture maker, Sheri, has also updated her site with pics of the new sofa and chair line and many more great ottomans and benches.  Make sure you check it out also at  IRONTHREADDESIGN.COM

16 May 2010 Meriden

6 Comments to It is finally 94.8% finished

  1. Man Chris! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. I need to see this one in person some time!

  2. Steve Guzman on 20 June 2010

  4. RANDY BARTHOLOMEW on 21 June 2010
  5. Just discovered this blog thanks to the statesman article. My husband and I lived in this house for four years; so thank you for not demolishing our memories and hopefully you didn’t dig up our two cats in the back yard either :). If you ever wondered what crazy tenant put in all that landscaping and built that contraption in the bath…that was us.

  6. Sarah on 21 June 2010
  7. I didn’t find any cats but I did enjoy the Andrew Goldsworthy inspired yard art. Glad you like the house.

  8. Christian Bingham on 21 June 2010
  9. I used Come and Take It Structural Movers. Rhett and Matt did a great job putting the house where it was supposed to be.

  10. Christian Bingham on 21 June 2010
  11. What a great project! I love seeing an innovative approach to a design problem. Good luck with the remainder of the house – we can’t wait to see the finished product!

  12. Jason Best on 28 June 2010

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