Modern Home Tour Austin

4 February 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Square House Blog.

The Austin Modern Home tour was today and it featured my personal house that I just finished remodeling (pictures here)  It was great to meet a bunch of people today who appreciate houses and see the value in a modern but livable home.  This is just a quick note to say that very soon there will be a final wrap up of the Meriden House project and some quick coverage of projects since then.  Also, there are some ongoing projects that are coming along nicely and there will be pictures to prove it soon.

Finally, there  is a summertime-centric awesome something that will be announced soon.  It is exciting, different, and affordable and will make your house cooler then you thought possible.

Back with more soon.

4 February 2012 Uncategorized

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  1. beautiful house Christian. You have me curious about this thing that makes my house cooler than thought possible

  2. Paul Reddam on 5 February 2012

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