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21 February 2012 in Modern Home tour

The Modern Home Tour is now a couple weeks in the past at it was a great experience and really wonderful to have 2500 people appreciate the work that went into this house.  I would like to send out an enormous thanks to the docents at my house that helped make the day a success.  THANKS TO: Dave and Molly who juggled their own kids around to help out (and brought me a coffee at just the right moment); Bill and Carolyn who came early and stayed late, put an after tour surprise in my fridge, and got to be a little of the proud parents that they so very much deserve. ( I would not be building things if it wasn’t for both of you.); Dini for leaving her child’s birthday party and hard selling my wife’s furniture;  Michelle who escaped in-laws, answered all the end of the day questions, and only once suggested that I put my bed in the wrong place.  And lastly my wife, Sheri, who tried to escape before the line at the door burst through at 11 sharp and instead stayed, talked up the house, and even took a few compliments about her furniture and art.  This house would not have been the same without you and I certainly wouldn’t have looked as cool as I did without your help in everything. (You are my favorite wife.)

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of possibly my favorite thing I saw on the tour.

893That is the multi-functional towel bar in the master shower at the house on Highland terrace. (The only house I saw)  I will admit that this picture was taken a few days after the tour but this Delta towel bar has the perfect place for not one, but two cool beverages.  And what is better then a cool drink in a hot shower?  Nothin’

21 February 2012 Modern Home tour

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