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18 April 2013 in Uncategorized

This is just a quickie to tell you what’s coming. (That’s what she said)

Pictures of the job on Woodrow, finally, that were taken this week and will be on the site in a day or two.

Iron Thread Design is going to the national furniture market in Las Vegas baby July 29-August 2.  There are new fabrics to show and Facebook updates with some recent work.  There is also a new shop, Remixologie, owned by a good friend carrying IT Design.  Come see Sheri and I in Vegas if you are there and want something different from drinking, smoking, and slots.

New pictures of some other jobs that where recently completed.  Smaller scale but turned out well.

A new look for the web site.  A little farther off but the format is locked in and the work has begun.  It will be a little closer to being as beautiful as the wife’s site. (see Iron Thread link above)

Finally, trials from the city of Austin building department.  If you have not heard, the train has fallen from the rails and there is only talk of getting it back on and moving again.  Months of waiting and people who don’t care and can’t be fired is what awaits the unlucky contractor.

18 April 2013 Uncategorized

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