The Builds


NW Hills Remodel

Keeping the footprint but updating kitchen, baths, and master suite.  Throwing in some new windows and mechanical systems. This one is about wrapped up and should have finished pictures soon.

Barton Hills Remodel/Addition

We removed 2/3 of the house and are expanding the footprint a little and building a second story over most of the remaining.  New expanded rooms for growing kids, a real home office, separate kids den/homework room, and a floating staircase linking it all together.

Picture to come soon.


Barton Parkway

This was a nice MCM with a bad addition over the garage (it looked like the second story master addition was humping the old house) and a dated kitchen and back yard.  We removed walls, lifted the roof over the kitchen/dining, new mechanical throughout, and kitchen and bath updates.

Barton Parkway

Woodrow st.

This house is a full scope gut with the interior walls rearranged and the previous built out attic removed and a proper third story built in its place.  The front will remain relatively untouched with the exception of new windows and doors and the rebuilding of the added and leaning chimney.  There will be more pictures and stories in the Blog soon.

3509 Woodrow 001

Highland Terrace West

This is an almost original 1948 modern house that underwent a complete gut and renovation with a master suite addition tucked behind the carport.


Meriden Lane

This unique and innovative building system combines thoughtful reuse of the existing structure with the latest in green building.  Please visit the Blog to see pictures of the progression on this transformation.

702 Meriden LanefrontA

Pruett Street

This project was a complete remodel of a small bungalow style house in the Deep Eddy neighborhood.  The entry was raised and a more pleasing roof line built on the front while the addition was all in the rear.  A new large living room and half bath and laundry room shared space with a master suite.  Off to the side, surrounding an enormous oak was a large partly covered deck with access from both the master bedroom and living room.


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